96th Holyland Postal Bid Sale - 139 - doar ivri covers

LOW VALUE DOAR IVRI blocks of four on FDC, per 1984 Meuntz cert “3 m perforated 10:11, rest perf 11, complete set of six low values in central tab blocks plus one additional tab block of 5 m and vertical pair of 3m.perf.10:ll tied by 15 First Day postmarks HAIFA 3 16 5 1948 to.3 plain white FDCs .with typewritten Tel-Aviv address OPINION : GENUINE in every respect, not repaired. Tabs of the 50 .tab block crumpled, a couple of 3 m. and one 10 m stamp pierced by heavy strikes of the obliterator. Several values including the 50 m with perforation faults.;”