96th Holyland Postal Bid Sale - 136 - doar ivri covers

DOAR IVRI 3 MILL TO 250 MILL PLATE BLOCKS per 1985 Meuntz cert “3m.#3106, 10m.#02894 (both perforated 10:11),5m.#1531, 5m.#2411, 20m.#0302, 50m.#1633 and 250m.#0691 (all perforated 11:11) tied to plain large light brown unaddressed envelope by 4 inverted slogan first day postmarks TEL AVIV 16 5 1948.* OPINION : Stamps and postmarks are genuine and belong on this FDC. Cover, plate blocks cleaned and replaced with some perforation splits between stamps of the left vertical pair of the 3m block and between the top right corner stamp and sheet margin of the 20m plate block