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OFFICIAL STATE OF ISRAEL PROPAGANDA FLYER to promote purchase of Dollar linked Israeli Bonds: "A rare opportunity, confident investment for your money. Purchase today and secure the stability of your money." Text Discusses inflation, the huge budget required for the mass Aliyah and the need for long-term secured saving. Nicely illustrated, friendly text in Hebrew, printed in orange, gray & black on white paper (c. 12.5 x 6.75") folded twice.

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STATIONERY FORM ISSUED BY "WIZO ALLYAH, Educational-Agriculturalist. Petach Tikvah". Form is folded twice & has box space for 60Pr. Stamp to be affixed; delivered by courier, message dated 17.3.54 to Petach Tikvah municipality & has its receiving hstmp dated 19/111/1954; has institute's logo underneath: "Education for Torah and Mitzvoth, for Labor and Social life". UNRECORDED F-VF SCARCE! [PH in catalogue has top, full item on web)