83 - 272 - world war two OTHER WAR RELATED

1942 GERMAN FELDPOST 'WERT KEINEN PFENNIG' CARDS W/CHAMBERLAIN & W/CHURCHILL Scarce Feldpost cards with multicolored caricatures in place of stamp imprint, only a handful known and these are usually faulty. Each card has General Gouvernment issue franking on left tied by special '26.X.1943' 4th Anniversary 'Krakau' cds. Chamberlain card sent from soldier (Lg. P.A. Konisberg) to Father (Hamburg), with note on back, franked with Cracow Castle 10z (Scott N73); Churchill card unaddressed, franked with Hitler 24g + 1z (Scott NB34) top margin strip of 3, eagle on swastika selvage imprint.

83 - 270 - world war two OTHER WAR RELATED

1940-41 FOUR POSTCARDS SENT BY YESHIVA STUDENT IN JERUSALEM TO HIS FATHER RABBI YOCHT AT "PORAT YOSSEF" YESHIVA IN REHOVOT. All Hebrew written by Zvi Yocht, in Hebron Yeshiva to his father Rabbi Arie Yochet, dated as per weekly Torah portions (bearing Jerusalem's postmarks of course). Rabbi Yochet was a famous a lecturing Rabbi in Bialistok Yeshiva. In 1939 he managed to flee from Bialystok to Wilna (his wife was not able to join him in this escape) & then to reach Palestine where he established a new Yeshiva in Rehovot.