95th Holyland Postal Bid Sale - 236 - world war two other

HOLOCAUST RELATED -3 mailed items ex Palestine: (1) 1/1941 NA'HALAL (D 8) cvr frank 15m (3 x# 93) to Switzerland' Jewish·Refugee forwarded to him in Tel Aviv in “Arbeistlager Gomdola / Tessin, (2) 3/6/45 Tel Aviv postal card total franking 20 mil for airmail, text “on .1.6.45 I saw the names of mu mother and sister that are in liberated Terezin…Please send them packages (3) 18.6.45 same correspondence.

95th Holyland Postal Bid Sale - 231 - world war two other

1946 DUTCH TEMPORARY I.D. CARD for foreigners with British Embassy in Hague cachet "Valid for Arrival in Palestine", French transit visa "destination: Palestine", and 2 Government of Palestine violet rubber cachets "Dept. of Migration ... Permitted to remain permanently in Palestine as an immigrant", and ''Tel-Aviv Rationing Office". A rare document of the saga of a German Holocaust survivor's resettlement from Holland to Palestine [cover om web]