payment tokens

82 - 465 - misc payment tokens

BUS & TRANSPORTATION TOKENS Beer Sheva, Bath-Galim, Dan Bus Company, Darom Yehuda, Eshed, Hamaavir, Hever. Ihud Regev, Mishmar Hamifratz, Mt. Carmel & Ahuza, and Shara-Haifa, Sheurtay Haam; various values and/or colors, duplication (heavy for some), condition varies greatly; includes pages from a book (that I do not recognize) describing tokens; about 140 tokens in all

83 - 831 - misc payment tokens

PAYMENT TOKENS Large accumulation of many hundreds (not counted) of various payment tokens or receipts, or ration coupons; seen bus/taxi tickets, possible military, eggs, milk, wine, meat, and more; various localities, companies, organizations; condition does vary but generally VF, well worth a close look; nicely organized