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PRE-STATE LETTERHEADS (1) Central Office For Transfer, Dec 1934, typed German text (2) Hebrew Technical Institute, Haifa, March 1930, typed Hebrew text (3) Isaac Herzog, Chief Rabbi of the Holy Land, Tammuz 5788, typed Hebrew text, with his signature (4) Aguuda Hasofrim HaAvarim, Tel Aviv, Jan 1941, typed Hebrew text, (5) Flying Sport Club HAGAMAL HAMEOFEF, June 1935 typed Hebrew text, (6) Karen Hayesod, October 1924, typed German text (7) Haranabot Harayshet L’Eretz Israek, Kislev 5685 (8) Interim Government 1948, printed Hebrew & Arabic (9) Rabbi Tavomi, mss Hebrew; condition v

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DO NOT DISMEMBER THE HOLYLAND 4 page (12 inch pages) article by Judah Magnes; per text “to appear in the New York Times Set 28, 1947â€; mss markings; one quote (if I may) “Partition will not stop the terrorist activities of the Jewish groupsâ€. He supports the minority report. Interesting reading. [A very fast check did not find this in the on-line archives.]

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THE GOVERNING COMMITTEE OF THE HEBREW COMMUNITY IN KAMENITZ-PODOLSK in UKRAINIAN PEOPLES REPUBLIC This is an official affirmation of a marriage. From the names, it is assumed that the man is a Jew and the woman is a gentile. The stamps are of the Ukrainian People's Republic which was a short-lived independent country that emerged after the fall of the Czar in 1917 and before the establishment of the Soviet state. The trident symbol (in the handstamps) was used as a symbol of Ukrainian nationalism.