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93nd Holyland Postal Bid Sale - 415 - Israel postal history

VIENNA AUSTRIA 27 APR 1948 regist airmail to Haifa. On this late date there was no more air mail service to Palestine. The letter was sent via the unofficial mail system operated by the Czechoslovakian Airlines, flying from Europe with arms to Israel. Such a flight landed in Haifa on 18 MAY 1948 and this letter was delivered to the addressee with an arrival pmk HAIFA 18 MAY 1948

93nd Holyland Postal Bid Sale - 420 - Israel postal history

ISRAEL SHUKAF & NIVDAK COVERS In an alert against mail bombs much mail was checked. Two types of hstmps were applied -- SHUKAF (x-rayed) NIVDAK (checked) as well as various labels. The collection features different types of hstmps: triangular, ellipse, circular, Box, etc., different shapes and colors. A few to government officials. The collection has about 10 labels and about 60 cvrs with dozens of different cachet types, color etc. Most F-VF