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April 8, 2019

ottoman period

ottoman period

Lot #: 91

AUSTRIAN OFFICES 1899 REGISTERED CORNER CARD COVER TO LEIPZIG Corner card from Albert Singer in Jerusalem, franked with two Austrian Offices 1pi on 10kr stamps (Scott #23), tied by Jerusalem cds. Yellow perforated registration label (Bale #R-22) on front, indistinct transit mark on back. Fine to very fine. (Bale $200)

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austrian offices

Lot #: 92

AUSTRIAN OFFICES 1913 PARCEL LABEL JERUSALEM TO BEIRUT Austrian Parcel Post Form for 650gr package with parcel label 'Jerusalem 34' affixed at top (Bale #L-12). Form franked with two pairs Emperor 1pi stamps (Scott #49), tied by two strikes 'Jerusalem a' cds (Bale #128). Addressed to Armenian convent in Beirut, Syria; 4/19/13 Austrian 'Beirut b' receiver on back along with two small negative Turkish seal marks. Fine to very fine. (Bale $200)

Start: $130 Sold For: $130
Lot #: 93

JERUSALEM OESTRERREICHISCHE pmk (date unclear) ties 10 para ovpt on 5 stamp to ppc addressed to England; hstmp of Grand New Hotel Jerusalem

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Lot #: 94

AUSTRIAN OFFICES (1) CAIFA (1899) ties 20 para ovpt stamp to ppc addressed to Germany (2) JERUSALEM (BF-08 pmk 121) on pc to Germany (3) CAIFA (BF-08 pmk 113) on pc to Germany (4) JERUSALEM (BF-08 #114) ties 10 para ovpt stamp to cvr addressed to USA (5) JERUSALEM in violet (BF-08 #121) and BETLEE, hstmp on pc to Germany (6) 5 centime entire of Waisenhaus, Jerusalem (7) 10 centime pc pmk Jerusalem 6.IX.08 to Switzerland (8) JAFFA pmk on pc to Italy and others; 15 items in all

Start: $180 Sold For: $180
Lot #: 508

AUSTRIAN OFFICES 1876 (BF-06 #11b-16b) mint or used;; includes  15 soldi used (#15b) with $300 cat; duplication

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Lot #: 509

AUSTRIAN OFFICES stamps from various issues 1883-1908;duplication; about 100 stamps in all; well worth a detailed look.

Start: $80 Sold For: $80

italian offices

Lot #: 95

ITALIAN OFFICES 1911 POSTAL CARD W/O 'GERUSALEMME' Italian Office in the Levant general issue 20pa on 10c postal card (Bale #502) canceled by Italian 'Gerusalemme/Uff. Postale Italiano' postamrk with outer semi-rings (Bale #501). Card addressed to Wolfenbuttel and forwarded to Gera, Germany. (Bale $375)

Start: $200 Sold For: $210
Lot #: 510

ITALIAN OFFICES 1908 (BF-06 #25) EXPRESS STAMP; Bale does not list a value for mint; NH but pencil marks on gum, nib at right, gum disturbed

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Lot #: 511

ITALIAN OFFICES 1909 (BF-06 #31-36) NH but a but curled, gum disturbed

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turkish offices

Lot #: 96

TURKISH BENI-SAAB two (hard to read) strikes tie block of four ovpt stamps (red ovpt on blue stamp) to Telegraph receipt; BF-08 pmk #784 valued $400; stamps & ovpt are BF-08 #235 & #540

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Lot #: 97

TURKISH OFFICES – GAZA 1886-87 block of four of 20 para empire issue canceled (but mot tied) by oily grey-black GAZA POSTA SUBESI pmk, registration cachet in same color, stamp removed marring apparent GAZA bilingual star type pmk and stamp; Collins lists this as PM #2 rated at “RR”; back missing pieces

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Lot #: 98

TURKISH CAIFFA TELEGRAPH 3 strikes ties vert strip of 5 and a single to back of document (perhaps telegraph); BF-08 pmk #822 $350. COLLINS #T3 values at $1,000; NOTE: The pmks do not show any numeral where the ‘1’ or ‘2’ should be,

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Lot #: 99

TURKISH OFFICES – JAFFA 1914 issue two 5 para one 20 para and one 1 pi tied by two octagonal JAFFA 55.11.15 (ON BACK OF COVER), addressed to Germany; BF-08 pmk 764

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Lot #: 100

TURKISH OFFICES JAFFA 20 para pc pmkd JAFFA 8.9.13, addressed to Istanbul (BF-08 pmk 826)

Start: $50 Sold For: $50
Lot #: 101

TURKISH OFFICES – YAFA negative grey cachet of YAFA POSTA TELEGRAFHANESI 1321, used 1915; BF07 pmk 734 rated R1, per Collins T4 rated ‘NS’ [PH cropped in catalogue, full on web]

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Lot #: 102

TURKISH JERUSALEM indistinct pmk (mss on back: March 7, 1903) ties two 10 para stamps to ppc (street in Bethlehem) addressed to USA; hstmp of E.L. KAMINITZ HOTEL JERUSALEM

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Lot #: 103

TURKISH OFFICES NABLUS 1904 with official cachet for free postage; BF-08 pmk 807; cachet 990b (no value given) [PH cropped in catalogue, full on web]

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Lot #: 507

FRENCH, GERMAN  TURKISH OFFICES various issues; used or on piece, about 20 German and 35 Turkish and 1 French, duplication; also 2 pieces stationery

Start: $50 Sold For: $60