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SZYK: ARABIAN NIGHTS ENTERTAINMENT - 1955 HERITAGE PRESS The Heritage Press, New York, 1955. Szyk, Arthur (illustrator). 2 volumes. Notes by those scholars who had previously translated the text into English from the Arabic, notably Henry Torrens, Edward

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SZYK_ BOOK OF JOB With Pictures by Arthur Szyk. From the Translation Prepared at Cambridge in 1611 For King James I With A Preface By Mary Ellen Chase and 8 Illustrations by Arthur Szyk. Published in 1946 by The Heritage Press, New York. VF – but slight

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SZYK_ BOOK OF RUTH Very lovely reprinting of the Limited Editions Club 1947 edition. Vivid print to the front board, on white and gray cloth. 7 gorgeous colored plates from Szyk; bound with uncut, accordion-style paper. Includes the Sandglass pamphlet to

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SZYK: RUBAIYAT OF OMAR KHAYYAM Fitzgerald, Edward VG Hardcover Color Illustrations The Heritage Club NY 1941 8.375 x 11". 75 verses, unpaginated, with 8 illustrations

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CORONET MAGAZINE 24 different illustrations with famous quotations, from the early 1940’s, SCARCE AS A SET

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SZYK: THE UNITED NATIONS SERIES HISTORIC ARTS 4 page folder with depictions of album frontispieces; also other reprints of some of his work; includes green BILESKI letterhead, a couple of brochures and more; INCLUDES plate blocks of Israel’s Third Festi

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SZYK CHINA FRONTISPIECE 10 x 11.5 inches on light card stock

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GOEBEL LASZLO ISPANKY 1st EDITION LIMITED PLATE 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL, 1978 number 8025; 12 tribes of Israel 1978 new 12 inch plate.. Depicts Jacob in the center and each of his sons are symbolized around the plate. Although Ispanky is a world famous sculp

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ABSALOM’S PILLAR, VALLEY OF JEHOSHAPHAT colored print, 6.5 x 8. inches, matted; published by D. Appleton & Co under the title “Wilson’s Picturesque Palestineâ€ circa 1881

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HEBRON lithograph , 4.5 x 3 inches, matted, circa 1879

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VIEW OF THE CITY OF JERUSALEM etching, circa 1821, by T Kelley from a painting by WM Craig, 8.75 x 6.25 inches, matted

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PUBLIC FOUNTAIN AT JAFFA colored print 6.5 X 9.25 inches, matted; published by D. Appleton & Co under the title “Wilson’s Picturesque Palestineâ€ circa 1881

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JAFFA-JOPPA a color drawing by JMW Turner of London, circa 1854, 5.75 x 3.5 inches, matted

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FEAST OF TABERNACLES color copperplate, depicting building of the Sukkah; circa 19th century, 7.5 x 5.25 inches, matted

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MOUNT TABOR steel engraving from a color painting by WH Bartlett; published in London, 7 x 4.75 inches, circa 1839, matted

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VESPASIAN ARC OF TRIUMPH, colored copperplate depicting the plunder of the temple vessels, including the Menorah being carried off to Rome by Titus Vespasian 5.75 x 3.5 matted, circa 18th century

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BIBLICAL RELATED PRINTS AND/OR WOODCUTS 19 different; some wear at edges; just some titles (1) Judgement of Adam and Eve (2) Jerusalem Taken Captive into Babylon (3) Joshua Commanding the Sun to Stand Still (4) Fall of Nineveh (5) Judith Showing the Head

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ZE’EV RABAN a teacher at Bezalel School of Art; four different prints made for the Biblical book, Song of Songs written by King Solomon, made according to the times in which Raban lived, i.e. Art Nouveau style, originally in the late 1920s. These prints

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DRAWINGS FROM THE SIX DAY WAR by Dan Livni; 12 black and white drawings; 15 x 11 inches; a bit discolored (blackened area) to one corner o/w VF;(cover with larger blackened area at bottom)

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ERETZ ISRAEL // PALESTINE MAP STATISTICAL PORTFOLIO in German. Undated but from descriptions must be mid 1920’s; about 30 maps and charts depicting or relating various statistics and related data. Covers loose and ratty at edges but all else Very Fine.

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