Terms of Sale


01.1) You may mail bids to Button Stamp Co., Inc., Attn. Sid Morginstin, PO Box 8101, Trenton, NJ 08650 (U.S.A.).

01.2) You may e-mail bids to LEADSTAMP@VERIZON.NET.. Please do not send file attachments, as they will be ignored.

01.3) You may also FAX bids to 609-291-8438 (be careful - there is a local store with a similar number). Please print very

clearly as some faxes are hard to read.

01.4) You may phone your bids to 609-456-9508. If you should get the answering machine, please leave a message with your name and full phone number and state when you can be called back. Please do not leave your bids on the answering machine. Phone bids should be followed by written confirmation.

01.5) Overseas clients are urged to send their bids via Airmail, fax, or via e-mail.

01.6) If you are acting as an agent or bidding on behalf of another person, please write the word “AGENT” on the bid sheet.

You need not reveal the name(s) of the person(s) for whom you are bidding, but you will be personally responsible for the bids you have made.

02.1) All bids must be in US Dollars.

02.2) No Lot shall be offered or bid accepted at less than the printed START PRICE.

02.3) Bids not in conformance with the bidding increments as stated in the catalogue will be reduced to the next lowest acceptable level.

02.4) Please note how automatic increases are handled, as described in the introduction.

02.5) "OPEN" or “BUY" bids are not accepted. Please bid your limit.

02.6) The highest bidder will be the purchaser at one bidding increment over the next highest bidder. In the case of two or more equal bids, the first bid received will be deemed the successful bid.

02.7) You may call to ascertain the status of your bid. You will be given the OPENING BID, that is, the price at which the lot would be sold for if there are no further bids. You will not be given the current high bid. Please note that the opening bid is subject to change as all bids may not yet have been entered into the bid book. You will not be called back.

03.1) All Lots are described by Negev Holyland Stamps and/or the vendor with the greatest possible care. Descriptions provided by the vendor are spot checked for accuracy, but Holyland Auctions is not responsible for inaccurate descriptions supplied by independent vendors. Lots are returnable if they do not match the descriptions, but Button Stamp Co., Inc. is only responsible for refunds of payments it has received for any lots that are returned.

03.2) Lots are believed to be genuine unless described otherwise; however, this is not to be taken as a literal statement of fact or a guaranty by Negev Holyland Auctions, it is the opinion of the Auctioneer/Vendor.

03.3) If, for any reason a Lot is believed by the purchaser to be not as described, it must be returned within 10 (ten) days of the invoice date. The reason for the return must be clearly stated. Obvious typographical errors and normal opening tears on covers are not reasons for return. Nor are some hinged stamps in a collection of stamps described as never hinged.

03.4) If a buyer wishes to obtain a Certificate for any item, he/she must notify us in writing of his/her request. The onus is on the buyer to obtain and to pay for the Certificate. If the item is found to be not genuine or incorrectly described, Negev Holyland Stamps will accept it back, provided that it is received back within 15 days of the original invoice date and in the same condition as when it was sent. Extensions for obtaining certificates may be granted.

04) Lots may be sent for postal viewing. The person viewing must pay Postage & Registration, both ways. All lots must be returned one week before the sale date.

05.1) All Lots will be mailed out within two weeks after the sale closes except as noted below. Please allow an additional period of time in the mails.

05.2) If you have special mailing instructions, please clearly indicate them on your bid sheet

05.3) Clients residing outside of the USA are responsible for all applicable taxes and Custom duties. Your invoice will be mailed separately from the material. For larger packages, the post office may require a CUSTOMS LABEL.

5.3.1) Shipments with an actual value of over $200 will be sent via REGISTERED AIR MAIL with $100 on the custom’s label, others will be sent by regular AIRMAIL with a value of $50 on the label.

05.4) For clients residing in the USA: Shipments with a value between $200 and $1,000 will be sent by CERTIFIED MAIL. Shipments with a value over $1,000 will be sent by REGISTERED MAIL.

06) A Buyer's commission of 16% will be added to all lots sold.

06.1) CREDIT CARD and PAYPAL payments are subject to a 4% surcharge on the total invoice, including shipping.

06.2) Unless the shipment is large, there are no handling fees.

07.1) Payment for Lots must be made promptly after receipt of the Lots. Any account unpaid after 30 days of invoice date will be charged interest at the rate of 1% per month from the invoice date unless previous arrangements have been confirmed.

07.2) You may pay by Personal check, Money Orders, Western Union, Bank draft, or bank/wire transfer, PAYPAL, VISA, MASTER CARD, or AMERICAN EXPRESS CARDS. Payments MUST be in US Dollars. (Full payment details, including bank/wire transfer information, will be sent with the invoice.)

07.2.1) When submitting credit card information, please send the ACCOUNT NUMBER, and EXPIRATION DATE. Your card statement may have either BUTTON STAMP COMPANY or NEGEV HOLYLAND.

07.2.2) The PAYPAL address is LEADSTAMP@VERIZON.NET.

07.2.3) When using a wire transfer, you are responsible for all bank charges including the $15 that my bank charges.

07.3) 6.625% NJ Sales Tax will be added to all Lots sent to a New Jersey address. There is no tax on the commission; however, there is tax on the shipping (i.e., the postage).

07.3.1) You are responsible for any sales and use taxes in your jurisdiction.

07.4) New bidders must supply a phone number and references, such as membership numbers in the American Philatelic Society and/or the Society of Israel Philatelists or other dealers. If a phone number is not supplied, the bids will not be entered. 07.5) New bidders and, at the sole discretion of Negev Holyland, other bidders who do not supply credit card information, will receive an invoice that must be paid prior to the lots being shipped.

07.6) If you return a lot that you paid for with a credit card or PAYPAL, you will be given a credit for future sales or sent a check. You will NOT be given a credit on your card or PAYPAL.

08) Please do not call for results until 24 hours after the sale closes