Literature & Abbreviations

Abbreviations and Symbols used
(All dates are DAY-MONTH-YEAR)


* Unused, previously hinged ** Unused (mint) never hinged
arr Arrival bklt Booklet
o used or used on piece  ovpt overprint
c letter, card, entire pc Postal Card (i.e. government issued)
cvr cover  perfd Perforated
db double box  ppc Picture Post Card (i.e. privately issued)
dc double circle P proof
doc document  phos phosphor
FDC First Day Cover pmk postmark
hstmp Handstamp  Regis registered
horiz horizontal  S specimen
Imperf imperforate  sc single circle
KH Kofer Hayishuv vert vertical
MH Minhelet Ha'am  x other: can be a form, telegram, etc
mss manuscript  VBK Book to be mailed by the vendor
BI-13 Bale Israel 2013  MOR-21 Moriah Israel 2021



$00 $50 $1
$50 $150 $5
$150 $300 $10
$300 $1000 $25
$1000 Up $50



Bids not in compliance with these increments will be reduced to the appropriate amount.
As a reminder the increment option is "a number of bidding increments". You can specify from 1 to 5 increments. Be aware, however, for this scenario: Let's say that you bid $270 on a lot and state to "increase my bids by 5 increments to secure the lot". At $270, the bidding increments are $10. I will go $270, $280, $290 and $300 - using three of the five increments. At $300 the bidding increments now become $25. So, I will then go $325 and $350 using the last two allotted increments. So, please be careful as what you bid $270 on may very well cost you $350 plus the commission.


COLOR computer scan of any lot are available upon request. If possible, these will be sent via e-mail as JPG files. Though there is no charge for a reasonable number of scans, please include a couple of dollars to cover postage and/or handling costs. There will be a charge for larger items and lots with multiple items. On the photo pages, please note that "CR" indicates that the item was cropped and "EX" means that the item shown is an example of the items in the lot. These are NOT indicated on the web site. In the text "PHW" indicates that the photo is only on the web site or that more of a lot is on the web site.


Some of the books and catalogues & books used in the compilation of this sale:

  • BF-08  Bale Forerunner 2008
  • BI-16  Bale Israel 2016
  • BP-10  Bale Palestine 2010
  • SG  Stanley Gibbons Middle East (1996 edition)
  • ST  STEICHLE books on Forerunners
  • KAP  Kaplove
  • ROCH  Rochlin
  • BEAL Jewish Charity Seals Catalog 2002
  • CARMEL for the Souvenir Leafs
  • COLLINS/STEICHLE Handbook of Holuland Philately
  • COLLINS Ottoman Posts and Telegraphs Offices in Palestine
  • DORFMAN Mandate Postmarks 1985 & stamps of Palestine Mandate 1918-1948 (2004 edition)
  • FORSHER The Interim Period Postage Stamps of Israel
  • GOLDSTEIN/DICKSTEIN for Haifa & Jaffa postmarks
  • HOCHEISER Palestine Mandate Postal Stationery
  • ROCHLIN for JNF labels, etc. 2003 EDITION
  • SACHER-GLASSMAN for Jerusalem postmarks
  • WALLACH 1982 Israel Specialized Definitive Issued Catalogue and Supplement